Re: Eliminate the warning Allocating size to GtkWindow without calling gtk_widget_get_preferred_size/height

A compile time flag is not a viable solution to this problem.  I have no control over the compile state of GTK on my end users systems.

For my own personal use case, a flag on a widget (or its container) that indicates that custom size management is being performed on this widget (or its children) and that such warnings are not needed, would be ideal.

On Wed, Jun 28, 2017 at 9:10 AM, Timm Bäder <mail baedert org> wrote:
On 28.06, The Devils Jester wrote:
> My application gets spammed with these allocating size warnings constantly,
> and I have tried to find a way to disable them programmatically without
> success.  Its just noise in the terminal, and misleading in that end users
> think there is a problem.  I think that they should be eliminated as well.

Those warnings usually come from

The output you're seeing is from gtkwidget.c and inside a
#ifdef G_ENABLE_DEBUG guard. G_ENABLE_DEBUG gets defined when
--disable-debug is NOT passed to the GTK+ build. A few of the warnings
in gtk+ have been put into #ifdef G_ENABLE_CONSISTENCY_CHECKS guards
instead, which is only defined when --enable-debug is explicitly passed
to the build.

If you can come up with a patch, I'm sure it would be merged.

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