Re: GtkGLArea

Emmanuele Bassi wrote:

On 12 January 2017 at 19:13, Bill Kelly <billk cts com> wrote:

I had been excited to see the new GtkGLArea, thinking it would help
get Clutter using the GDK backend on OSX, and facilitate getting
gtk-clutter-embed working on that platform.

That should not be a goal for anybody, really.

The only way to make Clutter render appropriately using the GDK
backend with GTK+ 3.x is to literally make a GDK backend for Cogl that
reuses the GdkGLContext API instead of creating its own GL context,
and then uses the GL context to render on an FBO, and calls
gdk_cairo_draw_from_gl() with it. Anything else exposes the same issue
I referred to above, which means that GtkClutterEmbed is exploiting
undefined behaviour that we're currently keeping on life support until
we can switch GNOME away from Clutter altogether — partially with
GStreamer integration with GTK+, and partially with GTK+ 4.0 and the

That makes sense per GTK's architectural roadmap.  Interestingly, though,
the clutter-gtk library already works on Windows.  We're able to embed
GTK widgets onto Clutter actors.

If you yourself needed to get clutter-gtk working on OS X under GTK 3.x,
is there a particular approach you'd take?

(I had presumed getting Clutter on OSX to compile with the GDK backend
might be the way to go, since that's what we're doing on Windows.)



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