Re: A toggled toggle button visually almost indistinct from untoggled

On 13 April 2017 at 23:44, Dan Stromberg <dstromberglists gmail com> wrote:

Does anyone have any suggestions?  I miss being able to tell which buttons
I've clicked!

Care to point to a screenshot, so it's possible to understand what you
see - and what you expect?

The default Adwaita theme has a fair distinction between states:

From the top:

  - active = FALSE, sensitive = TRUE
  - active = FALSE, sensitive = FALSE
  - active = TRUE, sensitive = FALSE
  - active = TRUE, sensitive = FALSE

The transition between active and inactive is also animated.


Graphene is only necessary for GTK+ 3.9x (master branch). GTK+ 3.22
does not use it.


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