Nim GTK3 editor

Yesterday I pushed my Nim editor to github, see

Lets try an easy question: I am using the font chooser button, which
has default text (none) and later shows the name of the last opened
file. For my use in the header bar, I would like to change that label,
maybe to "Open" permanently. No chance?

Maybe another one, but less important: I am using GSettings -- for
testing if the editor would work fine on a  fresh install, I would like
to reset all modifications done by my program. No idea after googling
for a few minutes -- when I create a new user and log in into that
account I should get a clean environment I guess? 

The development up to this early stage was easy and fast, and indeed I
was surprised how fine GtkSourceView works. OK, most of it, that idle
scroll -- would be very hard without gedit sources...

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