gtk_entry_set is a bit late.

extern "C"
void on_Signal_activate()    {
/*    Phase 1  */
gtk_entry_set_text(Status, "Starting phase 1"); //just show activity.
                std::cout << "Starting phase 1"  << std::endl;
/*    Phase 2  */
gtk_entry_set_text(Status, "Starting phase 2"); //just show activity.
                std::cout << "Starting phase 2"  << std::endl;
/*    etc */
gtk_entry_set_text(Status, "All phases complete"); //just show activity.
                std::cout << "All phases complete"  << std::endl;
                return; }
I guess the guys who understand gtk can see what happens.  The progress
messages come out on the terminal in order as expected from cout. The
only message in the status field (GtkEntry) is the last one at the termination
of servicing the signal.  The various phases do take some real time to run.
Any pointers on how to update the status as the program goes through the
phases showing something is working would be appreciated.  It is a gui
application so there should be a way to do it without resort to the terminal.
                  Regards Ian.

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