Needed information about GTK+


I'm building a Free Software crowdfunding campaign, and GTK+ is one of the candidates to be benefited.

This would mean for GTK+ to have 1 additional person working on it, and full-time.

So, I would like to know from maintainers, contributors and interested individuals some information about GTK+.

- There is interest in this additional person?

- What are the functions needed today? Development? UI Design? Bug triage? Documentation? Translation? Anything else?

- What tasks such contributors can do? And what is the skill level required to perform each of these tasks? Student? Amateur? Intermediate? Advanced? Expert?

- What are the programming languages used?

- There is a Roadmap and/or TODO list? If yes, what they define?

- What is the current health of the project? How many people work on it regularly? How many of these are paid to do it?

These information will be very helpful and appreciated. Thank you :)

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