Re: Needed information about GTK+

Hey Diogo,

let me try to answer your questions.

So, I would like to know from maintainers, contributors and interested
individuals some information about GTK+.

- There is interest in this additional person?

Sure, contributions are always welcome!

- What are the functions needed today? Development? UI Design? Bug triage?
Documentation? Translation? Anything else?

All of the above can be useful in GTK+, some more than others.

E.g. GNOME has a very well functioning translation infrastructure with
many language teams, and GTK+ is well covered by it.

And bug triage can be a bit of a thankless job in a project with a 15
year history - our bugzilla has well over 2000 open bugs, some of them
dating back to the early 2000s.

- What tasks such contributors can do? And what is the skill level required
to perform each of these tasks? Student? Amateur? Intermediate? Advanced?

Getting work done in the GTK+ core requires a certain persistence to
learn your way around a big C codebase. If you aren't an expert yet,
you'll be well on your way to become one by the time your first patch
is committed.

Other tasks are much more approachable for newcomers, such as writing
examples and tests, or updating and expanding documentation and

If you want a bigger challenge, you can look at completing a GDK
backend (say, html5, Windows or Quartz) which will require some good
knowledge of the platform in question.

Or you can even try to write a new one (Android ?!)

If you are open for suggestions outside GTK+ proper, glade (and glade
integration in gnome-builder) are two related projects that can really
make a difference for GTK+ development.

- What are the programming languages used?

C, GObject.

- There is a Roadmap and/or TODO list? If yes, what they define?

There is a roadmap here, but it is not really that informative, so I
would not pay too much attention to it

- What is the current health of the project? How many people work on it
regularly? How many of these are paid to do it?

We have ~10 regular contributors, most of which get paid to work on
Open Source (not necessarily directly or exclusively GTK+).

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