Re: CSS to look more like Gtk+ 2

On 12/11/2016 09:15 AM, Nicolas George wrote:
My searches on the web did not produce anything.

I found a GTK3 theme that does a reasonable job of emulating ClearLooks.
 I can't remember where I found it, but I modified it some time ago
(colors mainly) and made it be a GTK3 companion to my preferred
ClearLooks-Inverted GTK2 theme I was using.  It's not perfect (scroll
bars are still not right), but it looks much better.

Side question: is it possible to disable client-side decoration with

PCMan (who has sparred with GTK developers before over this) maintains a
module that you can use on top of GTK (it's a library preload) that
disables CSD and it has been updated to work with at least GTK 3.20.  See

I thought about rolling his module into a patch for GTK itself and then
just build my own GTK3 libraries since I'll never be interested in using
CSD, but GTK changes enough that it's not worth the effort.  It would be
great if there was just an environment variable that I could set to
disable or enable the CSD stuff. There used to be such an environment
variable if I recall correctly.

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