CSS to look more like Gtk+ 2


Over the years, I have found that I really dislike the default look and
feel of Gtk+ 3 (borders that waste screen real estate, gradients and
rounded corners that give a runny feeling, annoying animations; I felt
the same way about some versions of Qt). Until now, I used only a few
applications based on it, I could ignore it. But now Firefox uses it, I
can no longer.

I have started writing a few CSS rules to reduce that. For now, I have

* {
  border-radius: 0;
entry {
  min-height: 20px;
  transition: none;
  border-style: inset;
  border-width: 2px;

But instead of spending time on it, I wonder if somebody already did it.
Does anybody know something like that? Either a reasonably simple set of
CSS rules to make Gtk+ 3 look more like Gtk+ 2 or, even better (at least
if maintained), a full theme to that effect.

My searches on the web did not produce anything.

Side question: is it possible to disable client-side decoration with


  Nicolas George

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