GtkComobBox with appears-as-list - broken? going away?



Back in 2005 I was one of a bunch of people who submitted bug reports after the change to a menu-style GtkComboBox gave it a layout that, in the opinion of many of us, looked broken with a big blank area - Bug 129463 was the main one. There then ensued a long discussion between a bunch of people saying its’s a bug and looks bad and the designers saying it’s designed to look like that. But then the MS-Windows theme added the “appears-as-list” style property for combo boxes (or I changed to using that theme which already had it, I forget which) and the problem went away, at least for my app which is really only used in Windows.


So now skip on 10 years and I’ve updated my app from GTK 2 to GTK 3, and that (IMHO ugly looking) menu-style combo box with the big empty area is back. So to get the look back to what I want I added in CSS to programmatically set “appears-as-list”, and that worked OK but the resultant list style combo box does not now seem to be working any more. It looks right, but does not respond to mouse clicks or scroll-wheel movement in the list. Also it has no scrollbar but I think that is a result of the same thing because when I use the cursor up/down keys to move through the list a scrollbar does temporarily appear (but isn’t sensitive to the mouse).


Then in searching for info about this I came across a commit just last month saying “combobox: Remove appears-as-list style property. Remove all the code handling the appears-as-list=TRUE case”.


So is this style property known to be not working in GTK-3? And is that the reason that it is being removed, or something else? Will it be removed in GTK-3 or not until GTK-4?



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