Re: Using GTK+ in M$ Windows

On 24.07.2015 21:20, Dmitry Golovin wrote:
I tried adding gtk-theme-name=ms-windows to settings.ini, but it didn't change anything. Probably I'm 
missing something.

Yes. You're missing a w32 theme. At some point makefiles were altered to
not to install it (i think it was a side-effect of some other change; w32
part just never caught up). If you want to see it, find the <gtk source
directory>/gtk/theme/win32 directory, drop its contents in
%LOCALAPPDATA%/themes/<themename>/gtk-3.0/ and rename gtk-win32.css to gtk.css

After that ctrl+shift+I in any GTK3 app and change the theme. Putting theme
name into settings.ini should also work at that point (didn't test that

The w32 theme was not updated for, like, a year, and lacks some parts
(namely - proper CSD support, so window edges are rectangular and lack
shadows). Adwaita is the default now, even on W32.

I wanted to disable CSD, but also had no luck. I want at least to have native window decorations. Shadows 
are also drawn by GTK, I suppose, and I want native window borders.

I've just tried, and i couldn't do that.
It used to be possible (or, rather, windows were CSD or non-CSD depending
on how the developer set them up; generic dialogs were controlled by the
gtk-dialogs-use-header option in settings.ini), but right now CSD is always
enabled for everything. I can't tell whether it was intentional or just a
side-effect of some changes in W32 part of GDK and/or changes in GTK itself.

The behavior of the window is also not obvious. When I click application icon in my taskbar, it first grabs 
focus, after I click it again, it loses focus, not going down. All other applications first grab focus, and 
after second click it minimizes.
Yes, that is inconsistent. Most likely GTK doesn't handle certain Windows
messages correctly. One could run a GTK app in GDK debug mode that spews
Windows messages and see which messages are coming.

Do note that this feature only works on applications that are not grouped
in taskbar (i.e. ones that only have one window, or when you have very few
windows opened). If windows are grouped, clicking on their corresponding
taskbar buttons will not hide them, but will bring up the window-selector
subwindow, and clicking on a window in that selector will not hide it
either. That's probably why i haven't noticed it before.

Are there related bug reports open for there issues?

The window-hinding-from-taskbar - i don't remember seeing any.
The theme thing - kind of (some half-dead bugs about classic W32 theme,
some partial patches in CSD-related W32 GDK bugs that didn't go in, etc).

Any tips on customizing GTK on M$ Windows?

Apart from what i've detailed above - not much.
There are some gtk-xft-* options you might want to set in settings.ini, but
that's it. AFAIU the Gnome policy is that all customization is done
globally in the theme, and maybe there are some options (like the things in
settings.ini; an equivalent of Gnome Tweak Tools).

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