Using GTK+ in M$ Windows


It's been a while since I last used a Шindoшs PC, and Шindoшs 7 is pretty unusual now for me.

First I installed MSYS2, then gedit 3.16.2. It is fast, responsive and very good looking with shining Adwaita 

I tried adding gtk-theme-name=ms-windows to settings.ini, but it didn't change anything. Probably I'm missing 

I wanted to disable CSD, but also had no luck. I want at least to have native window decorations. Shadows are 
also drawn by GTK, I suppose, and I want native window borders.

The behavior of the window is also not obvious. When I click application icon in my taskbar, it first grabs 
focus, after I click it again, it loses focus, not going down. All other applications first grab focus, and 
after second click it minimizes.

Are there related bug reports open for there issues? I can't find any. Any tips on customizing GTK on M$ 


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