always the same crash in g_cclosure_marshal_generic_va

Hi, I'm still struggling with GTK+ compilation and it looks I found a problem (or bug) but I'm not sure how to solve it and seek your recommendation or hint on what to do...

I compiled both x86 and x64 stable GTK+ binaries and *all* it's dependencies with MSVC, today for testing purposes I even also compiled most recent unstable versions:
GTK+ 3.15.7
GLib 2.43.4
Pango 1.36.7,
GdkPixbuf 2.30.0
ATK 2.15.1
Cairo 1.14.0.

all of the above both compile and link successfully as well as stable versions, both x86 and x64, but it does not matter which versions and toolchains I pick up, because I always end up with the *very* same crash while executing gtk3-demo application.

The crash is always happening in gclosure.c line 1506 ->  g_cclosure_marshal_generic_va() function... on following line:
rvalue = g_alloca (MAX (rtype->size, sizeof (ffi_arg))); /* <-- crash allways the same here: stack overflow in gobject.dll */

It turns out the problem is with libffi, I'm compiling on x64 bit machine, anyway I also tried to compile multiple versions of libffi and then relinking against that but that does
not solve the problem, the demo app still crashes in gclosure.c (function mentioned above).
BTW, i'm compiling on inel celeron x64 N2830, but compilation (and run-time) worked on amd64 some time ago, please let me know if you need more information...

this is so frustrating, I wonder what the heck is the problem with my computer? obviously problem must be with libffi and my architecture or something I have no idea, please help me out with this, give me some hint what to do?

Thank you so much!

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