Re: Workaround to display horizontal scrollbars on treeview on pre-3.14 environments


I don't know if it is possible in your application but my suggestion is that
you should provide the corrected implementation with your application.
I don't know what is your application, how it is distributed,
how it is launched and who are the target users. Here are some ways how
you can achieve this:

1. You can implement your own custom widget which does the same as GtkTreeView
   but does not have this bug.
2. You can deliver GTK 3.14 with your application and make sure that your
   application uses the delivered copy of GTK rather than the system-installed.
3. You can deliver GTK 3.6 which did not yet have this bug because your target
   system may be too old to run GTK 3.14.
4. You can develop a small dynamic shared object (library) in C which would
   implement only GtkTreeView and preload it before the system-installed GTK.
5. Whatever solution you choose it should check the runtime version of GTK
   (gtk_check_version() -- do not mistake with GTK_CHECK_VERSION())
   and use your overridden version only if the system-installed version
   is flawed with the bug because the future versions may contain new features
   and bugfixes needed by your users.
6. What about an app bundle?

I hope it helps. Regards,


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