GtkPaned widgets are too visually inconspicuous ( Adwaita )

Hi all.

I have several GtkPaned widgets in an app I'm building, and users report that it's very difficult to tell where they are and where they should click/drag to resize things. Even for me - having put them there myself - it is somtimes difficult to tell.

The screenshot in the docs:

 ... has little dots in the middle of the widget, which is at least *some* indication. But under Adwaita ( which is the default, and almost only theme - particular for broadway users ), you don't get these dots.

Further compounding the issue under broadway is that the mouse pointer doesn't change when it passes over the GtkPaned widget. Finally, also with broadway, it feels like the GtkPaned widget is much thinner, or at least the area sensitive for getting a grip on it is. This may be a symptom of the previous point. Anyway, it's very, very hard to resize them under broadway ... and it's my app and I know what I'm doing :)


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