Re: Building GTK+ 3.0 with Visual Studio 2013

The build system of Hexchat is MozillaBuild. There are VC project files included, but I am not able to use them. I can open them but not use for debugging: error "file not found".

Am 09.02.2014 06:37, schrieb John Emmas:
On 8 Feb 2014, at 23:03, Syed Akbar wrote:

Ok, I just built GTK using the hexchat libraries.... done in about half an hour. But now I realised that I 
can't include the source files directly into Visual Studio. Hmm... that means always compile separately, or 

Hmmm....  what build system does Hexchat use?  Does it build using VC projects or does it use some other build system, 
such as make / waf / scons etc?  If it's using vcproj files your Debug builds should "just work" - even if 
each project is a separate entity with its own source files in its own folders.  I've never found it necessary to 
include 3rd party source files in my own project.  You need to build each project as a library.  Then (when building 
your own application) you link it to the built libraries.

Of course...  you might need to ensure that your Debug libraries have a slightly different name from your Release libraries.  For example, 
the Release build of Atk might be called "libatk-1.0.lib" whereas the Debug build might be "libatk-1.0D.lib".  
Step-by-step debugging won't work if you attempt to link your Debug app to the Release builds of your libraries.  Generally, you need to 
make sure that Debug builds have a slightly different name (adding a "D" suffix is the most popular convention with MSVC).


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