Re: Accuracy of motion events

On Sat, 2014-08-30 at 03:46 +0200, Stefan Salewski wrote:
Just for fun I have tested with GTK 3.12 for Nimrod, but I can not see
an effect of event compression... (It was necessary to put
set_event_compression() after window.show_all(), seem that Ruby
ensure that a Gdk window is always available, while plain Nimrod
bindings needs realize before.)  I may try plain C tomorrow, or in

OK, I should not complain to loud -- indeed I moved the mouse pointer

I have just added a time output to the Nimrod program:

echo round(event.x), " ", round(event.y), ":", event.time 

stefan AMD64X2 ~/fups $ ./test 
3 461:32626589
54 459:32626605
99 459:32626617
144 459:32626628
183 466:32626640
232 468:32626652
281 468:32626664
344 468:32626676
393 468:32626689

So we get an event every 12 ms -- more makes no sense for a 60 Hz TFT

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