Gtk, filter folders from FileChooserDialog

I decided to post this message on the Gtk mailing list because I'm almost sure that the feature that I'm requesting does not exists.

I have a program where users can select files or folders, and once they have selected them once, is not necessary to select them again,
so i want to create a filter to remove the files or folders from the FileChooserDialog.

Creating the filter for the files it wasn't so hard, i used the add_custom function with the Gtk.FileFilterFlags.FILENAME
and i returned False/True with my custom function.

But it seems that the Gtk.FileFilter function only works for files. I realized (by printing) that it only takes in mind the files of a folder and it ignores the folders.

Is there anyway of hiding folders from the Gtk.FileChooser ? I was quite surprised of discovering this because the Gtk.FileChooser works for selecting folders, and the way of retrieving the folders path is by using get_filename.


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