Re: gtk3 (3.13.5) under windows with semi transparent window border

Il giorno gio 07 ago 2014 11:27:49 CEST, Ignacio Casal Quinteiro ha scritto:
Ciao Andrea,

in msys2 we just added the rgba support. Did you just update gtk right now?
(it was added a couple of hours ago)

yes this morning

About evince, any chance you can provide a pull request adding evince to
the msys2 repo?

yes i'll try

i start with libgxps

On Thu, Aug 7, 2014 at 11:24 AM, Andrea Zagli <azagli libero it> wrote:

i'm trying gtk+3 3.13.5 under windows, with msys2

adwaita theme looks very nice under windows; and at this point gtk+ seems
very stable also under windows

but i got windows with semi transparent border and title

what could it be?

thanks in advance

and thanks for your efforts with gtk+ under windows

PS: i just compiled evince 3.13.3 and it works perfectly

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