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I have updated vs12 solutions for most of the projects. I can clean them up once I get gtk compiling and do a pull request. There is a few fixes I had to do for Cairo and a few other projects.

I downloaded git, I'll try a tar and see if that works better. By a tar do you mean the tags listed on git gnome site or an actually stable tar? I am trying to build 3.15.5, I want to try and clean up some of the windows stuff.

On Aug 7, 2014, at 3:16 AM, Fan Chun-wei <fanc999 yahoo com tw> wrote:

Hi Dub,

The file you mentioned should have been included in the tarball, so you might want to see whether the tarball you downloaded contains it (which tarball did you get?). Building directly from a git checkout is not supported, though.

P.s. It is however generated on autotools builds, so there is a way to generate that file, but its generation rule is not included in the projects due to the reason above. I saw your question on the Cairo part, meaning that I need to update the projects there, which I forgot to do-be sure that Whole Program optimization is turned off if you are building for x64 on MSVC 2010 or later.

With blessings.

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Subject: Fwd: Compiling using MSVC 2014 - gdkenumtypes.h missing?
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I am following and I got everything done and I am at the GTK stage. But I seem to have either missed something or are completely blind.

I keep getting an error

fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'gdk/gdkenumtypes.h': No such file or directory

Now looking for that file I am unable to find it, but I see a template file. This template file seems to have some placeholders.

How can I get these placeholders filled in? So I can use this file.

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