build from source with minGW?

I am enjoying developing software with Gtk+ on Windows, but I need to
move on to a later version.
There doesn't seem to be a package available.
Also I would like users of my application to have a simple and common
installation of the necessary run time dlls.
I did see the post by Niklas Gürtler but I get an error saying the
necessary file is it not accessible to me :(

So I'm trying to build from source and have installed minGW for this
purpose (after failing to build with MS studio express 2010).

Currently I am stuck building Glib as after a while it reports:
configure: error: Could not determine the values for AF_INET* constants

I tried to decipher the configure script but it remains unintelligible
to me so I was wondering if anyone knows what it's missing here?
Thanks in advance

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