Multiple text domains in a project using GLib and GNU gettext for i18n

  I'm working on a library and an application using it, and I need to split their translations in two different text domains, the problem I have is that I'm currently using the method described in [1] to internationalize it, so as I use glib-gettextize I can't pass the '--po-dir' option (like I could do for the original gettextize) to especify the different directories in which the translations will be created and managed.

  I don't want to switch to the method that uses just gettextize and the standard tools because it creates a lot of files and, before this issue, I found the GLib method easier, but I guess that if there's absolutely no other way, I'll do it. In case there's any other project that has solved this issue and its source is available it would be nice to see how they did. I took a look at Shotwell, but as they have used another build system, it wasn't of much help in my case.

  In the GLib method there's also the macro AM_GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT, which is not documented in the whole Internet AFAIK. If anyone knows where the documentation for it can be found, if there's any, it would be much appreciated.



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