Re: Stock items (button images / menu images etc)

Hi Emmanuele,

Thanks for your comprehensive reply and the links. They were indeed very helpful. I just wondered if anybody could explain this mystery which (I must confess) has got me totally baffled at the moment....

Suppose I temporarily delete every ".png" file on my system as well as every ".svg" file (i.e. so there's absolutely no chance of any of them getting found, either at compile time or at run time). Believe it or not, that makes no difference to whether or not I see button images etc in my GTK+ apps. Even if I rebuild libgtk+ as well as rebuilding my app - no difference whatsoever. I see the images if I use the old style names (e.g. "gtk-dialog-info"). I do not see images if I use the new style names ("dialog-information" etc).

To me, this suggests that wherever the images come from, they do not get loaded from PNG files at run time (or at least if they do, there's some fallback mechanism which kicks in if the PNG files aren't present).

So where else could the images be coming from???


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