Stock items (button images / menu images etc)

Out of desperation this morning I dug out my well thumbed copy of "Foundations of GTK+ Development" by Andrew Krause. I needed to build the example from listing 5.1. I'm building with MSVC which may or may not be significant.

I'm not sure if this mailing list allows attachments but I've attached an image of the built app. However, I'll describe the attachment in case it doesn't get through. It shows a simple dialog box. In the bottom, right-hand corner is a gtk stock "OK" button (i.e. complete with its button icon). Above the button is some text saying "The button was clicked!" To the left of the text is a light-bulb icon (GTK_STOCK_DIALOG_INFO). My attached example was built against gtk+ ver 2.20.

Why did I need to build it?? Because my recent work has been with gtk ver 2.24 and I seem to be having a lot of problems with stock images. Some of them get found, some of them don't - even though often, they seem to be in the same physical folder. For example, if I build the same sample with 2.24, the button icon gets displayed but the light bulb doesn't. A couple of months ago I raised this issue on gtk-devel-list and I was advised to install the HICOLOR icon theme (which I did) although to be honest, it didn't improve matters.

Has there been a significant change in the way stock items get handled between v2.20 and 2.24? I'm only asking because yesterday (over on gtk-devel-list) I noticed a post which suggested that button images / menu images etc are in the process of being deprecated. So while that's happening I'm wondering if I need to #define something to make this carry on working the way it used to work??


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