Re: 3D hunman model in GTK+3

On 2013-08-28 16:18, oucmsc gmail com wrote:
I'm just on the road of GTK+;and is thinking  about drawing  a 3D human
bone modle in my software on Linux.
after reading some material,  seemly  GTK+ don't support openGL .

could you recomend  a graphic toolkit or graphic library that support 3D

I love GTK+ more than Qt,and C than C++;

thanks ,sincely;

You can manually setup GTK widgets so that you can draw to them with
OpenGL. You'll have to do it for each windowing system you want to
support (X11/GLX, Win32, Mac OS, etc), but it's not really that hard.

I wrote some example code on how to do this a while back [1] along with
a somewhat more portable file that will do most of the work for you [2].


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