Re: glib thread support & win32

On Sun, 24 Jun 2012 11:27:36 +0300, Marko Lindqvist wrote:
Relevant part of stderr:

The following 3 warnings have been there for ages, but:

configure: WARNING: I can't find the MACRO to enable thread safety on your platform (normally it's _REENTRANT). I'll not use any flag on compilation now, but then your programs might not work. Please provide information on how it is done on your system.

No clue about this one...

configure: WARNING: the 'g_get_(user_name|real_name|home_dir|tmp_dir)'
		functions will not be MT-safe during their first call because
		there is no working 'getpwuid_r' on your system.

Bogus check for win32 as getpwuid(_r) is simply not used on win32 to
implement the mentioned functions. The warning would have been valid
when building GLib for other platforms though.

configure: WARNING: the 'g_date_set_time' function will not be MT-safe
		because there is no 'localtime_r' on your system.

As far as I understand, functions exported by msvcrt.dll are mt-safe (the single threaded LIBC.LIB isn't even supported anymore), but I did not find
conclusive evidence of this on msdn specifically for localtime.
Personally, I think there's a good chance this warning falls in the same "bogus check on win32" category as above (but I'm no expert, so caveat lector!).

/var/crosser/src/glib-2.32.3/glib/gatomic.c:630:21: error: pthread.h:
No such file or directory

GLib, when built with MinGW, relies on gcc's built-in atomic ops, which
are only available when CFLAGS="-march=i486" (or i586 or i686). Last time I checked, a warning (or error) was emitted by the configure script when
the appropriate -march flag was not set.

So, you seeing errors about pthread.h indicates that somehow, you didn't get the configure script erroring out with the -march error message and the fallback gatomic.c implementation (which doesn't work for win32) is being built.

Which leads to: did you set CFLAGS="-march=i486" when running ./configure?


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