Re: glib thread support & win32

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> From: Marko Lindqvist <cazfi74 gmail com>
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> Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2012 11:27 AM
> Subject: glib thread support & win32
> I'm tryin to cross-compile glib-2.32.x to mingw on linux host. I'm
> using scripts, and configure options, that used to work for earlier
> versions. Now compilation fails because there's no pthread.h.
> What is supposed to happen there?
> 1) Glib should not use pthread.h, but native windows threads.
> 2) It should fail configure time already
> Relevant part of stderr:
> configure: WARNING: I can't find the MACRO to enable thread safety on your
>                 platform (normally it's _REENTRANT). I'll not use any 
> flag on
>                 compilation now, but then your programs might not work.
>                 Please provide information on how it is done on your system.
> configure: WARNING: the 'g_get_(user_name|real_name|home_dir|tmp_dir)'
>         functions will not be MT-safe during their first call because
>         there is no working 'getpwuid_r' on your system.
> configure: WARNING: the 'g_date_set_time' function will not be MT-safe
>         because there is no 'localtime_r' on your system.
> /var/crosser/src/glib-2.32.3/glib/gatomic.c:630:21: error: pthread.h:
> No such file or directory
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I don't compile for Windows; still, there is - maybe this can help ?


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