glib thread support & win32

I'm tryin to cross-compile glib-2.32.x to mingw on linux host. I'm
using scripts, and configure options, that used to work for earlier
versions. Now compilation fails because there's no pthread.h.

What is supposed to happen there?
1) Glib should not use pthread.h, but native windows threads.
2) It should fail configure time already

Relevant part of stderr:
configure: WARNING: I can't find the MACRO to enable thread safety on your
                platform (normally it's _REENTRANT). I'll not use any flag on
                compilation now, but then your programs might not work.
                Please provide information on how it is done on your system.
configure: WARNING: the 'g_get_(user_name|real_name|home_dir|tmp_dir)'
		functions will not be MT-safe during their first call because
		there is no working 'getpwuid_r' on your system.
configure: WARNING: the 'g_date_set_time' function will not be MT-safe
		because there is no 'localtime_r' on your system.
/var/crosser/src/glib-2.32.3/glib/gatomic.c:630:21: error: pthread.h:
No such file or directory

 - ML

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