Re: How to know my GTK+ version?

Il 31/01/2012 12.46, Dieter Verfaillie ha scritto:

ad INCLUDE and a LIB

You mean LIBS, right?

No, I have the variable LIB set to my $GTK_INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY\lib path, not LIBS. (Note that I don't actually have a $GTK_INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY variable, I just used this notation to avoid i18n problem because I'm italian and Windows chages the program files folder per language...)

Anyway, these mostly depend on what it is you
want to build and are usually not needed at all (most packages'
pkg-config handling already get those right, for example).
So, having system wide values doesn't really make much sense to me...

I'm using CodeBlocks as IDE and MinGW as compiler to build my code.
I'll try to set it up to avoid the need of environment variables.
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