Re: How to know my GTK+ version?

Il 31/01/2012 12.09, Dieter Verfaillie ha scritto:

On Tue, 31 Jan 2012 11:31:59 +0100, Manuel Ferrero wrote:
I downloaded the all-in-one bundle for Win32, version 2.24.8,
unzipped it and copied it in my disk, then I added the bin path to
PATH variable.

Changing system or user PATH env vars through the control panel
is a *very* bad idea. No single GTK+ version (or anything else
from the GNOME platform stack, like GLib for example) should be
listed in system or user PATH as doing so declares a single installation
of the platform stack as the "system wide installed" version.

This conflicts badly with our "each app comes with it's own GTK+
runtime environment" philosophy.

Unfortunately, there are "misguided" installers you might encounter
in the wild that seem to insist on doing this anyway (mono's GTK sharp
used to do this, no idea if it still does), making it next to impossible
to know for sure unless you check the validity of PATH manually.

The most flexible solution is to build yourself a wrapper script
(.bat or .cmd) or in case you use MinGW/MSYS a shell script, that
exports PATH, PKG_CONFIG_PATH and other search paths you need,
the way you want them to be and from that launch the tool you use
to build you program. Such tool might be an MSYS bash session,
eclipse cdt, codeblocks, ...

This is the first time I heard about this.
I'll try to remove all the env variables referring to GTK and see if I'm still able to compile and run my code. I also have a GTK_HOME, ad INCLUDE and a LIB varibles pointing somehow to my GTK installation. I don't really know who placed them there, it took me a while to have a working environment and I tried a bunch of different installer...
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