Re: gtk3 replacement for gdk_pixmap_foreign_new

On 01/04/2012 10:54 AM, salsaman wrote:
> Why shouldn't I ask the gtk+ developers (you know, the people who
> provided this functionality that people are using in applications, and
> are now apparently taking it away).
> If somebody asked on one of my mailing lists "hey salsaman, you
> deprecated function X in version Z of LiVES, what is the replacement",
> I would have no problems answering and pointing out a suitable
> replacement.
> Why are you all having problems answering a very simple question ?

Indeed LiVES is a very important project in the Linux ecosystem.  Good
video editing software is always needed.

The GTK+ developers mailing list is gtk-devel-list, but I know that a
lot of developers are on this list too.  I apologize for Olav's
unhelpful post.  Perhaps it was the yelling (caps) tone of the e-mail
that pushed a button somewhere.

Incidentally the reason you didn't see your first post is because GMail
helpfully throws it away for you.  GMail is completely broken when it
comes to mailing lists and IMAP.  And in the web-based e-mail work,
non-nested flat conversations is all you get, which also is pretty
useless for mailing lists. (Forums suck for the same reason.)

Unfortunately I cannot answer your original question, though.

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