Re:Re: how to install GTK+3.2.0 correctly

I think the question maybe is that I install the GTK in a system location ,so my gnome is cannot work.Now I will try it again.Thank you!
在 2012-02-23 23:24:47,"Michael Torrie" <torriem gmail com> 写道:
>On 02/22/2012 08:36 PM, 周龙 wrote:
>> Recently I install GTK+3.2.0 according the GTK+3.2.0 installation
>> guide  in ubuntu 11.04. When I finished the install and reboot the
>> computer,  I found that system interface has changed and file can't
>> open by mouse. And I  think the question is GTK 2.x and GTK+3 in the
>> same process is not support. When I uninstall GTK 2.x, a new question
>> is coming.The GNome is can't work normally and I can't enter the
>> system interface. So how I should do next? Here My GNome version is
>> 2.32.1.If I should first put the GNome upgraded to 3.2. I very much
>> look forward to someone can help me,and to express my heartfelt
>> thanks.
>Gtk 3.2, if compiled by hand, should install to a non-system location
>such as /usr/local.  If that is the case it will not conflict with the
>system GTK.  I am unfamiliar with the installation guide in Ubuntu 11.04
>so I cannot say whether GTK 3.2 interfered with GTK 2.  I don't think it
>should have.   Rebooting is entirely unnecessary after an installation,
>by the way.  Curse Microsoft for instilling this urge in all of us.
>Your mistake was in removing GTK 2.  I don't think the package manager
>should have let you do that, so you probably forced it to uninstall,
>correct?  You _could_ install Gnome 3.2 form source using jhbuild, but I
>recommend that you re-install GTK 2 anyway.  You will have to use the
>text-mode login to do this with aptitude.  If you cannot get that, you
>will have to re-install Ubuntu.  Removing system packages will break a
>lot of things, as you have learned!
>Years ago I wanted to get StarOffice running on my linux machine, but it
>required a newer version of Glibc, which is of course *the* core system
>library.  As you can imagine, trying to upgrade it broke everything.
>Had to re-install because no commands would work.  And I had a friend
>that removed Python from her gentoo box.  Haha that broke everything
>too.  Fun times.

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