Re: how to install GTK+3.2.0 correctly

On 02/22/2012 08:36 PM,  wrote:
> Recently I install GTK+3.2.0 according the GTK+3.2.0 installation
> guide  in ubuntu 11.04. When I finished the install and reboot the
> computer,  I found that system interface has changed and file can't
> open by mouse. And I  think the question is GTK 2.x and GTK+3 in the
> same process is not support. When I uninstall GTK 2.x, a new question
> is coming.The GNome is can't work normally and I can't enter the
> system interface. So how I should do next? Here My GNome version is
> 2.32.1.If I should first put the GNome upgraded to 3.2. I very much
> look forward to someone can help me,and to express my heartfelt
> thanks.

Gtk 3.2, if compiled by hand, should install to a non-system location
such as /usr/local.  If that is the case it will not conflict with the
system GTK.  I am unfamiliar with the installation guide in Ubuntu 11.04
so I cannot say whether GTK 3.2 interfered with GTK 2.  I don't think it
should have.   Rebooting is entirely unnecessary after an installation,
by the way.  Curse Microsoft for instilling this urge in all of us.

Your mistake was in removing GTK 2.  I don't think the package manager
should have let you do that, so you probably forced it to uninstall,
correct?  You _could_ install Gnome 3.2 form source using jhbuild, but I
recommend that you re-install GTK 2 anyway.  You will have to use the
text-mode login to do this with aptitude.  If you cannot get that, you
will have to re-install Ubuntu.  Removing system packages will break a
lot of things, as you have learned!

Years ago I wanted to get StarOffice running on my linux machine, but it
required a newer version of Glibc, which is of course *the* core system
library.  As you can imagine, trying to upgrade it broke everything.
Had to re-install because no commands would work.  And I had a friend
that removed Python from her gentoo box.  Haha that broke everything
too.  Fun times.

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