panel_applet_settings_new not introspectable

Hello there,

I'm working on an applet for GNOME 3, that is, for the fallback shell.
I'm programming my applet in Python, but when I try to execute
*settings_new* method, Python complains telling me that method not
Well... trying to research the problem, I open the GIR file for
libpanelapplet, PanelApplet-4.0.gir and I find this:

<method name="settings_new"
    <doc xml:whitespace="preserve">Creates a new #GSettings object for
the per-instance settings of @applet,
with a given schema.</doc>
        <doc xml:whitespace="preserve">a new #GSettings object for the
per-instance settings of @applet.</doc>
        <type name="Gio.Settings" c:type="GSettings*"/>
        <parameter name="schema" transfer-ownership="none">
            <doc xml:whitespace="preserve">the name of the schema.</doc>
            <type name="utf8" c:type="char*"/>

Notice that the "introspectable" attribute is in 0.
I can't find the GIR format specs, but, is this attribute value
related to my binding problem?
Is this a bug in the introspection?


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