g_strsplit() return

I have this code:

GString *my_gstring;
gchar **strings_vector;
gchar **single_string_vector;

my_gstring = g_string_sized_new(1024);
g_string_assign(my_gstring, "AB\tCD\tEF\n12\t34\t56");

strings_vector = g_strsplit(string_vector[i], "\n", -1);
// now string_vector has two elements:
// [0] is AB\tCD\tEF
// [1] is 12\t34\t56

 single_string_vector = g_strsplit(strings_vector[i], "\t", -1);

 g_strfreev(single_string_vector, TRUE); // do I need this here?

g_strfreev(strings_vector, TRUE);

The g_strsplit() documentation says it returns a newly-allocated NULL-terminated array of strings.

The "newly-allocated" means that I have to call g_strfreev(single_string_vector, TRUE) in the for loop or can I just do it once outside the cycle?
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