Re: wacom programming and GIMP problem

I have found a weird solution. It was necessary to detect buttonPressEventType and buttonReleaseEventType event (a part of motionEventType), and more important, to start GIMP with sudo (!). Finally it works and I can draw with GIMP and execute a code in the background that responses to my pen movement.

Joan Q

--- On Wed, 2/8/12, Joan Quintana <joan_quintana yahoo com> wrote:

> From: Joan Quintana <joan_quintana yahoo com>
> Subject: wacom programming and GIMP problem
> To: gtk-list gnome org
> Date: Wednesday, February 8, 2012, 12:24 PM
> Hey friends, I want to solve a
> problem that I'm dealing with.
> I have a wacom tablet, and I can detect programatically the
> pen movement. Basically I'm using this code (xopen.c,, and
> it works as expected when I move my pen around the tablet,
> and the cursor moves around the screen, where there are
> several windows.
> Now I open GIMP, and the Wacom works perfect with GIMP. The
> problem is that when the pen is focused on the drawing
> window of GIMP I have no events in my CLI xopen
> application.
> I think this is a Glib programming question, maybe I can
> tell xopen.c to listen the events associated with GIMP
> Windows (I don't kno how...).
> The idea that I'm folloging is to draw with GIMP and trigger
> synth sounds wile I'm drawing... this is the reason why I
> need an integration between GIMP and my code.
> thanks in advance
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