wacom programming and GIMP problem

Hey friends, I want to solve a problem that I'm dealing with.

I have a wacom tablet, and I can detect programatically the pen movement. Basically I'm using this code (xopen.c, http://www.bolthole.com/solaris/drivers/xopen.c), and it works as expected when I move my pen around the tablet, and the cursor moves around the screen, where there are several windows.

Now I open GIMP, and the Wacom works perfect with GIMP. The problem is that when the pen is focused on the drawing window of GIMP I have no events in my CLI xopen application.

I think this is a Glib programming question, maybe I can tell xopen.c to listen the events associated with GIMP Windows (I don't kno how...).

The idea that I'm folloging is to draw with GIMP and trigger synth sounds wile I'm drawing... this is the reason why I need an integration between GIMP and my code.

thanks in advance

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