menu widgets and connected signals behavior

I have a question about the behavior of connected signals when an
option menu's menu items are redefined:

In my application, I am targeting all three gtk versions. For gtk1
and gtk2 I use GtkOptionMenu and connect to the "selection-done"
signal. For gtk3 I use GtkComboBoxText and connect to the "changed"
Upon several events, I need to change the contents of the menu:
For gtk1/2 I accomplish this by doing a gtk_option_menu_remove_menu()
and rebuilding the menu items through calls to gtk_menu_new(),
gtk_menu_item_new_with_label(), gtk_menu_shell_append() and
For gtk3 it is as simple as calling gtk_combo_box_text_remove_all()
and then for the new items calling gtk_combo_box_text_append_text().

My question is, what happens with the signal connected to the previous
and now removed-and-replaced menu? To be on the safe side, because I
do not know the internals, I disconnect the signals and then reconnect
them which does seem to work. However I do not know how necessary this
is and whether there is an easier way for all three gtk version lines.

Thanks in advance.


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