Re: HOWTO: Build GTK3 dev sandbox

Hi Kevin, It seems to fit here : (see the "Development Guidance and Tutorials" section, tutorials are listed here) You can register an account to be able to edit the Wiki. However, be aware that an approaching tutorial may already exist :

Kevin Connor Arpe writes:
I am new to hacking on GTK3.  One of the first big tasks was to build a
GTK3 dev sandbox.  Woah, a bit tough.  Don't read that as a criticism of
GTK in particular; newbies probably struggle with dev sandbox setup for all
large, existing open source projects.  I have been using open source for
ages, but never tried hacking on existing projects.
I took very careful notes for the required steps.  In particular, I was
interested to make SCIM work with my dev sandbox so that I may test my GTK3
changes with Asian languages.  In the end it was simpler than I expected,
but finding the right env vars to tweak was the tough part.
I would like to write a HOWTO doc to help other GTK3 newbie developers
(like me) get started. What is the right place/format to do this?
This area seems a good place to add my "dev sandbox HOWTO":
I contributed to Subversion docs about two years ago.  Many of their docs
were hand-rolled HTML stored in the SVN repo for the Subversion project.
All I needed to do was a checkout of trunk; modify the doc files; then
submit a patch for review. Please let me know the procedure.
Kevin Connor ARPE

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