HOWTO: Build GTK3 dev sandbox


I am new to hacking on GTK3.  One of the first big tasks was to build a GTK3 dev sandbox.  Woah, a bit tough.  Don't read that as a criticism of GTK in particular; newbies probably struggle with dev sandbox setup for all large, existing open source projects.  I have been using open source for ages, but never tried hacking on existing projects.

I took very careful notes for the required steps.  In particular, I was interested to make SCIM work with my dev sandbox so that I may test my GTK3 changes with Asian languages.  In the end it was simpler than I expected, but finding the right env vars to tweak was the tough part.

I would like to write a HOWTO doc to help other GTK3 newbie developers (like me) get started.  What is the right place/format to do this?

This area seems a good place to add my "dev sandbox HOWTO":

I contributed to Subversion docs about two years ago.  Many of their docs were hand-rolled HTML stored in the SVN repo for the Subversion project.  All I needed to do was a checkout of trunk; modify the doc files; then submit a patch for review.

Please let me know the procedure.

Kevin Connor ARPE

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