Re: GTK Question

On Thu, Dec 06, 2012 at 11:42:41AM -0800, Thomas Dineen wrote:
> 1)   My implementation runs as expected on the native Solaris
> platform and the native Windows platforms,
> BUT when I run it on the native Fedora platform the application
> opens with giant buttons which are totally
> distorted! The implementation is built from the GTK toolkit
> functions taken from your webpage tutorials.

If gtk-demo and other Gtk+ programs show similarly giant buttons,
something is wrong with your display DPI settings, theme settings, ...

If it does not then your program does something differently than normal
programs.  It is difficult to say what exactly.

> 2) When I rlogin to Fedora

I sincerely hope you meant to write ‘when I ssh -X to Fedora’.



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