Re: Bug 687752 - work with theme authors

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> Interesting... Even this mailing list has been changed to "Gnome 
> List,"
> instead of "GTK List."
> On 11/30/2012 10:08 PM, Sergei Steshenko wrote:
>>  FLTK ( ) ?
>>  There are also Perl bindings - if one wants quick GUI development: 
> Drifting further off-topic here, I realize.
> Perl is not a language I turn to for any purpose, really.  I've looked
> at many of the GTK alternatives before, and none of them really appeal
> to me.  At this point, there really is only one alternative to GTK, and
> that's Qt.
> I wonder what firefox and libreoffice will do in the future.  Both of
> them are definitely not Gnome apps.  Both of them largely implement
> their own widgets, using part of GTK for look, and function (event loop
> and such), so porting to another toolkit may be possible.  Whether or
> not Gnome developers feel that Firefox is relevant, it is probably the
> most-used linux app out there, and if you count Google Chrome, which is
> also GTK-based, there is a lot of usage here, and the desktop
> environment itself doesn't matter so much.

For that matter, Python is not a language I turn to for any purpose, really. But there can be Python bindings too - I didn't check.

And yes, Qt is is _the_ alternative, and it comes with QML - which is JavaScript, which is much closer to Perl than to Python ;).


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