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> On 11/11/2012 10:17 AM, Benjamin Otte wrote:
>>  GTK 3 at this point really is just the GNOME toolkit. There is absolutely 
> zero
>>  involvement from anyone else. Neither XFCE nor LXDE nor Windows or OS X
>>  developers take any interest in pushing the toolkit forward - apart from
>>  occasional bug reports and patches. All features are prototyped, coded and
>>  maintained by GNOME developers. So in its current state I would call GTK a 
> part
>>  of GNOME. It's worth pointing out that this was basically the same 
> situation
>>  with GTK 2.
> My comments have nothing to do with themes, but more to do with GTK
> fulfilling my needs as a GTK app developer (not a Gnome developer), and
> a response to the idea that GTK is the Gnome ToolKit now.
> GTK2 had a workable Windows port at least, which I did use.  And on OS X
> at least there was X11.  And it could be ported with minimal effort to
> most modern Unix systems with an X server.  I understand the lack of
> contributions to drive GTK forward on these fronts, and that is
> unfortunate, but certainly not the fault of the core developers.  Even
> more unfortunate, though, is that because of the tightening of coupling
> between GTK and Gnome, you're heading towards dropping support non-Linux
> systems entirely in GTK.  And even on linux, Gnome itself (the
> perception is GTK is being drug along too), is being coupled closely to
> components like systemd, udev, and other things which are nice, but
> desktop distro-specific (Fedora mainly).  An embedded linux board
> running some minimal distro wouldn't have those.  And I think this
> integration is partly what is causing push-back by the other distro
> makers and users.  If, for example, a light-weight rescue distro wants
> to have a widget toolkit on which to make apps, what do you recommend?
> Part of what made GTK2 so wonderful is that it was easy to use PyGTK and
> hack together a light-weight, standalone app that did something useful.
> I'm only a casual developer, and I love using GTK (2), because it is
> just portable enough for my needs.  Much of what I would do in the
> future I could see targeting small pseudo-embedded computers.  Say ARM
> with a touch screen (no I don't want to run android), perhaps running
> only an X server, with no udev, no systemd, and a single app.  GTK3,
> with support for touch and multitouch would seem to be a good candidate
> for targeting a GUI to such an environment, if it were light and
> platform-independent like GTK2 (read: not tied to Gnome).  I don't need
> or wnt Gnome's many layers.  And if GTK3 can't fill my needs, that's
> okay; there are options, though none as nice as GTK's api.
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FLTK ( ) ?

There are also Perl bindings - if one wants quick GUI development:


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