Re: Bug 687752 - work with theme authors

On 11/11/2012 10:17 AM, Benjamin Otte wrote:
> GTK 3 at this point really is just the GNOME toolkit. There is absolutely zero
> involvement from anyone else. Neither XFCE nor LXDE nor Windows or OS X
> developers take any interest in pushing the toolkit forward - apart from
> occasional bug reports and patches. All features are prototyped, coded and
> maintained by GNOME developers.

which reminds me ....

one of the reasons why this happens is that when people ask about much more generic issues and designs in the context of GTK, many GTK developers (but especially yourself) insist that it has *already* become "the GNOME Toolkit" and thus attempting to sever the deep connection to GNOME is well, a bit pointless.

there are other reasons to account for developer interest/involvement, but this doesn't help. when i first started using GTK in 1999, there seemed to be strong committment to the idea of it being a portable, multi-purpose toolkit. at the end of 2012, it appears to have ended up moderately portable but fundamentally tied to a fairly GNOME-centric view of the world.

if this isn't true, and is just Benjamin's own personal position and not a shared position by most of the current GTK devs then it might be useful for them to speak more loudly about that.

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