GTK TreeView control in Windows (DND issue)

Hi there,

Some time ago (circa April 2010) I posted on the gtk-app-devel list about some problems I was having when trying to make drag'n'drop work with a gtk TreeView control (this was using gtk-win32).  I was running gtk version 2.14 at the time.

Currently I'm using version 2.20 and although I can make DND work if I drag from an external source (e.g. Windows Explorer) I still can't make DND work internally for the control itself.  For example, the gtk toolkit provides a sample app called 'testtreeview.c'.  If I build the test sample on Linux (linking to gtk-x11) I can successfully re-order the treeview's rows using drag'n'drop.  However if I build the same app for Windows (linking to gtk-win32) the drag'n'drop functionality doesn't work.  I've built other apps with gtk-win32 (using other kinds of controls) and was able to make DND work okay - but I can't make it work properly for a TreeView control.

I was thinking of setting aside some time to investigate this but then I noticed that gtk is now up to version 2.24.  I just wondered if the problem is fixed in 2.24 - or if anyone else knows about this problem or is already working on it?  Thanks.


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