Hi bulk88,

I do understand it is highly likely that the makefile.msc's in GLib is not in working shape, but the GLib makefile.msc's are not complete in the tarball distribution as they were not maintained for a good while-there is a patch in BugZilla under bug 651261 to fix this, but I have yet to check and apply the patches (sorry Vitaliy if you are reading this at this moment, especially for the delay).

The other point of consideration for not having VS2003 projects is that GLib is not able to be compiled with that VS version out of the box since 2.22.4 or so as it uses functions/features that were only provided in later VS versions, so to let you know-and GLib 2.28.x is required for many of the latest stable versions of the GTK+ stack and Clutter stack.

p.s. the binaries for the GLib runtime on gtk.org was built with MinGW, not VS, so it would not have the .pdb files, and most probably you would not want to use that with VS 2003.

Hope this info helps-and hopefully I (and perhaps Hans, who came up initially with the makefile.msc's) can check bug 651261 and put it in the glib-2-28 branch at least.

God Bless

寄件者: bulk 88 
寄件日期: 2011/9/11 (日) 1:20 AM
主旨: glib's pcre's makefile.msc broken?

I am trying to build glib dlls on win32 with VS 2003 using  the glib 2.28.1 tarball and the nmake process (not the vs project way, my vs is too old to open it). The glib using app I trying to debug I recompiled with debugging info and symbols successfully, but I get assembly when I step into the glib runtime. The official gtk.org glib runtime doesn't have symbols/step through debugging available, so building my own is the only way I see to get the PDBs for debugging. My problem is, that makefile.msc in /glib/pcre fails to make pcre.lib or any objs or run cl at all. This makes the parent makefiles fail. Below is the output I get from pcre's makefile.msc.

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