Re: Is GTK+ 3.x 2x slower than GTK+ 2.x?

2011/10/12 Clemens Eisserer <linuxhippy gmail com>:

>I found the same slowdown during the GTK-1.2 -> GTK-2 transition, and
>it hasn't become a lot faster during the 2.x releases - moore's law
>took care of it. I expect the same to happen with GTK3 sooner or later
>(wether I like it or not, is a different question).
>There simply don't seem a lot of devs arround optimizing code for fun,
>whereas paid devs are usually busy implementing feature requests and
>repairing behaviour/crash/blocker-bugs.

But then, the GTK+ 1.x -> 2.x transition was much more dramatic, the 
addition of Pango was found to be a major performance bottleneck, 
as well as some of the other architectural enhancements, 
internationalization features and so on. So the slowdown, while very 
unfortunate, was at least understandable – 1.x was much more simple 
than 2.x. But GTK+ 3.0 more or less seemed like a cleanup of 2.24, 
no major enhancements. That's why I am so curious what happened, as 
the slowdown (which I have now confirmed on yet another computer) 
does not seem to be justifiable here. GTK+ 2.24 was already markedly 
slower than Qt 4.7, and now that GTK+ 3.0 is even 2-3 times slower 
than GTK+ 2.24, it is really becoming a competitive disadvantage.

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