Re: Is GTK+ 3.x 2x slower than GTK+ 2.x?

Hello Jakub,

Thursday, October 13, 2011, 1:49:44 AM, you wrote:

JM> does not seem to be justifiable here. GTK+ 2.24 was already markedly
JM> slower than Qt 4.7, and now that GTK+ 3.0 is even 2-3 times slower 
JM> than GTK+ 2.24, it is really becoming a competitive disadvantage.

The problem is that nobody is really thinking about GUI applications
anymore. For the phone apps all you need is to handle very few data
and very few widgets but make them look nicely. Most just go Web for

I was shocked by the bad performance of the tree list view from the
beginning, so much that i'm now back to FOX toolkit. 4 month of my
life wasted (about $20,000 :-).

And when i look at the code, i know what is to blame. Like Java it's
an incompetent total over engineered inflexible architecture. A total
rewrite by experts would be necessary. Unfortunately nobody is funding
base infrastructure anymore.

Best regards,
 Lothar                            mailto:llothar web de

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