Re: Is GTK+ 3.x 2x slower than GTK+ 2.x?

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> From: Jakub Misak <jmisak centrum cz>
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> Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 8:49 PM
> Subject: Re: Is GTK+ 3.x 2x slower than GTK+ 2.x?
> GTK+ 2.24 was already markedly 
> slower than Qt 4.7, and now that GTK+ 3.0 is even 2-3 times slower 
> than GTK+ 2.24, it is really becoming a competitive disadvantage.

"If you can't beat them, join them" ?

I.e., objectively, in what sense gtk+ is better than Qt ? In its support of existing gtk+ application ?

I also vaguely remember something about widget rendering invariance WRT to scaling - forgot how it's called exactly - Qt already has it, and gtk+ is yet to implement it.


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