Re: Compiling a GTK application on windows

Hi Lothar,

Is there really any show stopper in GTK+ on Windows? I saw many GTK+
apps that support Windows and Mac OS. And I'm considering whether to
choose GTK+ to develop a cross-platform app... I'm surprised to hear
your words.


2011/5/30 Lothar Scholz <llothar web de>:
> Hello Vikram,
>>> as it seems through my understandings, this is not cross-compilation, cross
>>> compilation is for diffrent architectures, not OSes.
> VN> Yes that's right. It is called cross-platform.
> VN> But they they've mentioned it so,
> VN>
> Calling the current state of GTK cross-platform is a shame and an
> insult. There are so many bugs that you really can't use it for
> commerical development on windows.
> I can't understand why for example this mouse-leave error is not
> fixed. This is the most serious show stopper, next are the themes
> and third is the unix build system (at least someone is working on
> that)
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> Best regards,
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